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Kevin J Czarzasty

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Photographing the fire service since 1975

2 Alarm Residential Structure Fire Waterbury,CT 10/23/21

Recent Incidents

Residential Structure Fire 205 Burton  St Ext Watertown,CT 02/12/22

Commercial Structure Fire 2457 East Main ST WAterbury,CT  02/01/22

Residential Structure Fire 100 Raymond St Waterbury,CT 01/11/22

3 Alarm Taxpayer Fire 21-27 Congress Ave Waterbury,CT 12/09/21

Residential Structure Fire 38-40 Cooke St Waterbury,CT 10/24/21

2 Alarm Residential Structure Fire 36-38 Second Ave Waterbury,CT 10/23/21

Two Alarm Commercial Structure Fire 18 Falls Ave Watertown, CT 09/10/21

Residential Structure Fire 119 Lambert Ave Meriden,CT 09/06/21

Commercial Structure Fire North Main ST Waterbury,CT 09/05/21

Three Alarm Structure Fire Mixed Occupancy Main St New Hartford, CT 08/10/21

Bus Fire Thomaston Rd Morris,CT 08/07/21

Car Fire Townline Highway Watertown,CT 07/01/21

Multiple Alarm Structure Self Storage Facility River St Thomaston,CT 06/28/21

Multiple Alarm Residential Structure Fire 7 Morning Wood Dr Beacon Falls,CT 06/25/21

Car Fire Cherokee Dr Watertown,CT 05/26/21

Residential Structure Fire 14 Radcliffe Ave Waterbury,CT 05/23/21

Taxpayer Fire  255 Walnut St Waterbury,CT 04/23/21

Residential Structure Fire Quaker Farms Rd Oxford,CT 03/17/21

Vacant Residential Structure Fire 92 High St Waterbury,ct 03/01/21

Scrap Yard Fire Aurora St Waterbury,CT 02/25/21

Vacant Residential Structure Fire Bergin St Waterbury,CT 02/24/21

Two Alarm Residential Structure Fire Buckingham St Oakville,CT 02/09/21

Residential Structure Fire Watertown,CT 01/21/21

Multiple Alarm Fire House Under Construction Middle Road Tpke Woodbury,CT 01/09/21

2 Alarm Multple Dwelling Fire East St Waterbury,CT 01/01/21

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