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2nd Alarm Residential Structure Fire Middlebury,CT 03/24/19

Recent Incidents

2 Alarm Residential Structure Fire 44 Kelly Rd Middlebury,CT 03/24/19

Residential Structure Fire 22 Greenwood Dr Prospect,CT 03/19/19

Chimney Fire Old Northfield Rd Thomaston,CT 03/18/19

Multiple Alarm Structure Fire 400 Block of Willow St Waterbury,CT 01/22/19

Garage Fire 50 Adams St Watertown,CT 12/06/18

Well Involved Multiple Dwelling 150 Waterville St Waterbury,CT 11/23/18

Basement Fire With Extension Keefe St Waterbury,CT 11/04/18

Well Involved Occupied Multiple Dwelling 6 West Grove St Waterbury,CT 09/27/18

Commercial Structure Fire TJay's Bar & Grille 790 Waterville St Waterbury,CT  09/10/18

Well Involved Residential Structure Fire 26 Eagle St Terryville,CT 08/30/18

2 Alarm Barn Fire Maple St Ext Kent,CT 08/15/18

2 Alarm Vacant Multiple Dwelling 27-29 Vermont St Waterbury,CT 08/05/18

Multiple Alarm Mill Fire Vacant Ansonia Copper and Brass Company Waterbury,CT 07/30/18

Residential Structure Fire 1490 Echo Lake Rd Ext Watertown,CT 07/26/18

2 Alarm Residential Structure Fire 500 Ledge Dr Torrington,CT 07/21/18

Roll Over MVA With Ejection And Entrapment Watertown Ave Waterbury,CT 07/18/18

Apartment Building Fire With Victims Park Rd Waterbury 07/08/18

Barn Fire Maple St Bantam,CT 07/08/18

Fully Involved Vacant Residential Structure North Main St Winsted,CT 07/04/18

Roll Over MVA With 3 Entrapped Rt 262 Watertown,CT 07/02/18

2 Alarm Residential Structure Fire Torringford St Winsted,CT 06/30/18 

Below Grade Rescue Training Torrington,CT 06/12/18

Multiple Alarm Apartment  Building Fire 380 South Main St Seymour,CT 04/14/18

Commercial Structure Fire 45 Hall Ave Meriden,CT 04/13/18

Structure Fire Vacant Multiple Dwelling High St Waterbury,CT  02/28/18

Fully Involved Attached Garage Fire 194 West St Watertown,CT 12/10/17

Structure Fire Vacant Bantam Lake Inn Bantam Lake Rd Morris,CT  10/28/17

3 Alarm Furniture Store Fire 1330 South Main St Waterbury,CT 09/18/17

Second Alarm Residential Structure Fire Campville Rd Northfield,CT 09/07/17

2 Alarm Condominium Fire Cherry Ave Watertown,CT 07/23/17

Multiple Alarm Fire 2 Residential Structures Central Ave Waterbury,CT 06/16/17

Fully Involved Residential Structure Fire Windsor St Waterbury,CT 06/11/17

2 Alarm Residential Structure Fire 19 Hubbell Ave Ansonia,CT 05/23/17

Multi Alarm Structure Fire Four Multiple Dwellings Lounsbury St Waterbury,CT 05/17/17

2 Alarm Residential Structure Fire Main St Watertown,CT 04/07/17

Well Involved Residential Dwelling View Dr Thomaston,CT 01/14/17

Three Alarm Vacant Mill Fire South Main & Pearl Lake Rd Waterbury,CT 12/31/16

Occupied Multiple Dwelling Fire 81 Robbins St Waterbury,CT 11/29/16 

Multi Alarm Residential Structure Fire Willow & Ludlow Sts Waterbury,CT 03/30/16


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