Detroit Fire Department



                 Devil's Night 2008                        W. Dakota at John R  4/25/09                   Multi Alarm W.Jefferson at Carrie 4/25/09


   3 Dwellings North St Highland Park 4/25/09              N.Martindale at Kay  4/25/09                            E. Savannah at John R   4/26/09


Multi Alarm W.Jefferson at Sloan 4/26/09                      Multi Alarm Illinois at Elmwood  4/26/09               Devil's Night Trip 2009          


             Detroit Trip 4/23/10-4/26/10                    Vacant Dwelling  Faircrest at Gratiot 7/19/10      Vacant Dwelling Joseph Campo Blvd 7/19/10


Vacant Dwelling Edsel Ford Svc Rd  7/21/10                     Devil's Night Trip 10/26-29/10                              Detroit 3/31-04/0411                       


    Box Alarm 3600 Nottingham  10/29/11                         Box Alarm Harbaugh St  10/30/11                        Detroit Trip 04/20-23/2012          


                     4th of July 2016                                           Detroit Fire Department Apparatus


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