Devil's Night 2008

In The Motor City


Though the number of fires are down from years in the past the arsonists of Detroit still managed to "Keep the tradition alive". Detroit not only had the resources of the DPD, DSP, ATF, FBI, Postal Inspectors, Military, and almost 1000 private citizens on the road as part of the "Angel's Night" Operation, to try and stem the traditional arson in the days leading up to Halloween, they still averaged between 50 to 60 structure fires in for the most part the many vacant structures throughout the city which have become a sign of the times with the failing auto industry. I saw in four days more structure fires than I would seen in a year in the communities that I cover in Northwest Connecticut. As night fell on the City of Detroit the radio came alive with one box alarm after another. These galleries are some of the more spectacular fires that I photographed from 10/28/08 to 11/01/08. I display them here as a tribute to the above and beyond efforts of all the fire fighters of the City of Detroit as well as all who assisted in the Angel's Night Operation of 2008 keeping the number of destructive fires down for another year.



              W. Jefferson & Clark 10/28/08                         Lovett St 10/29/08                                          Navahoe 10/30/08



       E. Jefferson & Newport 10/30/08                6412 Northfield 10/30/08                             Cabot St 10/30/08


          Pennsylvania and Charlevoix 10/31/08                     Rohns and Harper 10/31/08                     West Warren and Martin 10/31/08


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