Detroit Trip 10/26-29/2010




      Occupied Dwelling Horatio St 10/26/10                      Vacant Motel 666 MLK Blvd  10/26/10                       Vacant Dwelling Belvidere St  10/27/10      



       Vacant Dwelling Melville St  10/27/10                         Vacant Dwelling Harbaugh St 10/27/10                   Vacant Dwelling Dexter St 10/27/10



 Occupied Multi Dwelling Casgrain St 10/28/10                      Vacant Dwelling Cabot St 10/28/10             Vacant Dwelling Cedarlawn St  10/28/10



Two Vacant Dwellings Monica at Joy 10/29/10    Vacant Apartment Bldg Labelle at The Lodge  10/29/10                  DFD Boneyard



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