Detroit Michigan

Devil's Night Trip 10/29/2009-11/01/2009



Whether it was the Angel's Night patrols, the ordinance prohibiting the sale of gasoline in anything other the motor vehicles, or the heavy rains on the night of the 30th the Devil's Night fires of the City of Detroit decreased yet for another year. This saved a cash strapped city, already hurt by huge declines in the auto industry, thousands of dollars in overtime.  But those that felt they still had to keep the tradition alive managed to start just over 100 structure fires. Here are some examples of the fires which I took in along with my fellow fire photographers from the Northeast.


              Dwelling Fire Cecil At Kirkwood                    Dwelling Fire Bradford At West 7 Mile              Dwelling Fire Beard At Lafayette


            Dwelling Fire McGraw At Wesson                      Dwelling Fire Ashton At W.Warren                    Dwelling Fire Inglis At Pit         


Dwelling Canton At Edsel Ford Service Rd       2 Alarm  Apt Building Fenton At Grand River                    Landscape Of Detroit


To See More Photos Of Devil's Night 2009 Visit The Following Webpages Of My Fire Photographer Friends

Glenn Duda

Paul Bassett

Dave Purcell

Matt Fernandez

Chris Fernandez


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