Middlebury Volunteer Fire

Structure Fire 725 Breakneck Hill Rd 7/03/14

A late afternoon fire consumes a large home at 725 Breakneck Hill Rd in Middlebury. The almost 11000 sq foot structure whis was almost a mile of the main road was competely destroyed by a massive fire which would have fire fighters wetting down hotspots until mid day the following day. Fire fighters from Middlebury were assisted by Watertown,Waterbury,Woodbury, and Southbury, as well as the Tanker Task Force for Litchfield and New Haven Counties. The fire which appeared to have started in the rear right corner of the sprawling home would prove difficult to get at with uge attic spaces and slate tile roof and would end up moving through the attic space ans consumiing the whole home. Operations also had to be haulted do to the danger posed by severe thunderstorms whic moved throught the area several hours into the incident. All the occupants of the home at the time the fire broke out escaped without injury.

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