Thomaston Volunteer Fire Department

MVA Car Through A House North Main St 10/10/17

Thomaston EMS and Fire responded an MVA 10/10/17 at approx 2:30am. It orignally came in for car vs pole they arrived to find a car had hit several garbage cans, the corner of one house going completely through the second house, and comping to rest against a third dwelling. Gas service was severed on one dwelling with natural gas freee flowing mutiple live powerlines were down. THe most amazing part was the resident of the second house that the car went completely through was sleeping in a first floor bed room and he and his bed were thrown through the wall of the house by the impact of the speeding vehicle and he and his bed ended up n the next door neighbor's yard. Only by a miracle neither the driver or the resident sustained life threatening injuries. Both were transported by Thomaston EMS to Waterbury Hosp and the accident is under investigation though speed may have been a contributing factor. Sorrry limited photos as I was operating as chauffer for Thomaston EMS 140-2 so I just snapped a couple of quick shots for scene documentation before we went enroute to the hospital


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