Watertown Volunteer Fire Department




           The Early Days (film images)                     Fully Involved Car Fire Thomaston Rd              Structure Fire Honey Hill Rd



      Arson Fire Taft Ave Oakville                                 Rollover Extrication Main St             Fire at Quality Automatics McLennan Dr


       Police Chase with Rollover 3/30/08               Structure Fire Alplex Auto Body 4/29/08                MVA Falls Ave 7/28/08


    Car vs Pole w/ Ejection MVA 9/6/08               Multiple Dept Drill Taft School 8/11/09                 Live Burn Drill Fall 1979-80



       Working Fire Siemon Co 5/23/10                  Water Search Crestbrook C.C. 6/4/10             Structure Fire Echo Lake Rd  7/28/10  


      Structure Fire Mohawk Dr 9/04/10        Structure Fire Williamson Cir Oakville 9/19/10        Structure Fire Grove Hill Rd 04/16/11


    Structure Fire Northfield Rd  06/09/11         Multiple Structure Fires  10/30-11/02/11                        Van Fire Apple Hill Rd


Hay Wagon Fire Sand Bank Rd  6/21/13      Structure Fire 51 Echo Lake Rd  9/01/14        Plane Crash Park Rd 09/09/14


     199 Highmeadow Rd 10/17/14               150 Edward Ave 10/20/14                    43 Wedgwood Dr 2nd Alarm 01/11/15


      Car Fire Echo Lake Rd  04/08/15               Dive Rescue Sylvan Lake 06/14/15                         Structure Fire 57 Norway St    07/03/15


Structure Fire 309 Woodbury Rd 11/15/16     2 Alarm Residential Grandview Ave 11/01/16              Trailer Truck Fire Park Rd 11/05/16


            Basement Fire 49 Hadley St 03/07/17                 2 Alarm Residential Main St 04/07/17         Condo Fire Cherry Ave 07/23/17


         Structure Fire Earle Ave  10/19/17                      Car Fire Georgetown Dr 12/07/17            Fully Involved Attached Garage West St 12/10/17


                    Extrication Ellen Kay Dr 05/25/18                       Extrication Rt 262 07/02/18                   Structure Fire Echo Lake Rd Ext  07/26/18



                Structure Fire Adams St 12/06/18                  MVA Extrication Main St 12/15/20           Residental Structure Fire  01/21/21


         2 Alarm Residential Buckingham St 02/09/21                 Multi AlarmCommercial Fall Ave 09/10/21            Residential Fire Burton St Ext 02/12/22

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