Watertown Volunteer Fire

Multiple Structure Fires During Early Season Snow Storm Keep Volunteers Busy 10/30/11 & 11/02/11

With nearly 80 percent of the town residents without power Watertown volunteers were kept running with service calls for cellar pumps, CO alarms, fire alarms, wires down, and multiple medical calls. But with power surges, and people using alternate heat sources, generators, and alternate light sources the fire crews had to respond to atleast 6 house fires some caused by theses alternate heating and lighting methods. The day time fire incident was an attic fire in a home on Lexington Dr. Alert members of the town crew spoted smoke pushing from the eaves of the house as they were sanding and assessing damage due to the storm, they immediately radioed dispatch and the fire department responded. Heavy smoke and fire was found in the attic space requiring two ventilation hols to be cut into the roof. The home had heavy smoke damage as well as fire damage to the attic. The night time scene was from Litchfield Rd where a fire supposedly started in a closet and extended to ajoining spaces. The elderly female resident was transported to a local hospital for evaluation and her dog taken into care of the town's animal control. The fire was elevated to a second alarm for manpower and an additional tanker from the town of Morris. This incident was brought under control in about 30 minutes but crews would have an extensive overhaul to perform.

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